Surveillance footage shows Maria Sedano-Leyva Araceli and her child at Ross in PTC. Aracelli is suspected of directing her child to take the unattended purse to the restroom where she stole cash from it.

The Peachtree City Police are ready to hand out a Parenting Fail Award.

Police say Maria Sedano-Leyva Araceli, 38 years old of Peachtree City, was shopping at Ross Dress For Less with her child when she spotted an unattended purse. She then instructed the child to bring it into the restroom where cash was stolen from the purse.

Following the incident, the Peachtree City Police posted on their Facebook page that they wanted to speak with the mother about her parenting techniques and asked for help identifying the “Parenting Fail Award Winner.”

According to Lt. Odilia Bergh with the Peachtree City Police, Araceli claimed that her daughter mistakenly thought the purse was merchandise, but she confessed to taking money out of it.