The city of Peachtree City Thursday night will consider a request to lift a moratorium on multifamily homes that could have an impact on two proposed developments.

The city first imposed its moratorium in 1999 and renews it on an annual basis. On Thursday, the city will discuss a request from Peachtree City LLC to lift the moratorium. On Feb. 21, the developers sent a request to the city to drop the moratorium on multi-family use so the developers could build a mixed-use proposal unlike any seen in Peachtree City.

The 37-acre tract is next to Planterra Golf Course and backs up to Lake McIntosh. It’s currently zoned General Industrial, but developer Jason Pace believes the site offers an extraordinary opportunity for the city to redevelop and lure the coveted millennial group to the the area.

The development would feature more than 360 multi-family units, along with 50-60 single family homes. It would also feature 8,000 sq.ft of retail space, and offer a multi-generational appeal, Pace said.

Another development in Peachtree City’s pipeline also features apartments.

Historical Concepts’ Jim Strickland, in conjunction with Watkins Real Estate, wants to make Aberdeen Village more of a mixed-use development.

The concept for the center makes it more of a walkable village, connects the center to greenspace, and adds more, along with public spaces.

The new center would feature seven buildings with 200 units of apartment space, 7,000 sq.ft. for restaurant space, and more than 5,000 sq.ft of retail space and would be built on the Northlake Drive side of the shopping center.