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Wilksmoor development clears major hurdle for completion of Macduff Parkway

The proposed Wilksmoor development on the northwest end of Peachtree City cleared a major hurdle last week when city council approved an agreement that will eventually allow Brent Scarborough and Company to construct a bridge across a CSX railroad.
The completion of MacDuff parkway, including a bridge across the CSX railroad, has been a part of the development agreement for the tracts since it was originally laid out in 2007.
The plan for the area has since changed, but the city stood by its requirement that any development is contingent on the extension of Macduff Parkway from Highway 54 to Highway 74.
Scarbrough and Company will do the construction on the parkway, but they are planning to sell their part of the land to Kolter Homes, which intends to establish a 650-home age restricted community called Cresswind at Peachtree City.
CSX railroad has been an obstacle, up to this point, according to representatives from Kolter. They’ve said it has been a years long process to obtain permitting from CSX to construct a bridge crossing the railroad.
According to Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington, the biggest hurdle to that permitting has been cleared as CSX offered a contract for the city and developer to sign.
The contract was approved to be signed by city council last week.
Pennington said the contract was the “main hurdle” preventing construction of the road and the new homes. He said he could not speak for the developer, but expected that construction could begin as early as the start of 2015 now that this hurdle had been cleared.
Brian Rochester of Rochester and Associates, speaking on behalf of Kolter at several city council meetings, cited the delay in obtaining a permit from CSX as the primary reason that work could not begin on the developments.
He suggested to council that the developers would be eager to start construction as soon as possible once the permits were issued.
The delay was a cause for concern on the city council, as Rochester could not offer any firm timeline on completion of the roadway without knowing when the permit would be issued.
This became a problem as Kolter sought permission to sell at least 200 homes prior to the completion of the parkway.
Council member Eric Imker said in August he felt the city was “snookered three or four months ago in believing the parkway was going to get done in 17 months” as Weiland representatives (developing the property to the south) projected. He said he doesn’t expect the road to be completed until 2017, leaving the “folks on the west end with this horrible traffic problem for another three or four years.”
Scarbrough has not yet sold the property to Kolter Homes. The delay in the CSX railroad permit was cited as a primary reason that sale had been held up.

By Josh Akeman

Josh Akeman is the managing editor of the Fayette County News, Today in Peachtree City, and East Coweta Journal. He is a graduate of Fayette County High School and the University of Georgia.