by Ally Reynolds

Adriana Destefano looks for an assist. Photos by Julianne York

Even though the Whitewater High girl’s lacrosse season came to an unexpected end due to COVID-19, the Lady Wildcats never quit. The team took the break in the season to build even more skill sets to return better and stronger for the upcoming season. 

While the girls train for the next season, the coaches reflect on what the 2020 season could have meant to strengthening skills and techniques through practice drills and games.

“The coaches are working hard to come up with a game plan to make sure we are prepared next year. From the effort I had seen at practices and games, I think we were in for a great season,” said Whitewater coach Grace Phillips. “They were a very driven group of young women. We had a big goal we were trying to reach – region champs – and I believe we had a very real chance of reaching that goal.”

The Wildcats were on their way to victory with a win in six out of eight games this season, and a mighty 111 goals in just those eight contests.

Leah Folden charges upfield.

“The season was going well, the girls were working hard. We had hit a little bit of a slump, but the girls were re-energized. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalize on that energy due to the rest of our season getting cancelled,” said Phillips. “It still hurts that we were not able to see exactly where we would have landed, but it makes next year that much more exciting to see how driven the girls will be and how much more we will value each moment.”

Even with a strong core of seniors – Parker Lewis, Emma Dix, Sydney Heim, Evan Carder, Adriana Destefano, Jordan Henly, Daisy O’Mahoney, and Ally Reynolds – cut short of their final season, the team still makes the best out of the situation. 

“We were heartbroken for our seniors, the coaches would have done anything to give them one last game,” Phillips said. “We have kept in touch. We had a few funny groupme conversations and a few heartwarming conversations. I also have had girls sending pictures going out to the fields and working out at Piedmont together.”

Preparing for next year, the team is working diligently to use this season’s break as a way to keep looking forward to an even brighter future.

“We are all so excited for this next season. It will be a whole new mindset.”

Emma Dix heads for the goal.