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Why do we have laws if they are not to be enforced?

One of the things I’ve realized sends me over the edge more than most things is public corruption. Some people believe it doesn’t exist. Others know it does. A few are just downright in denial. And sadly, most don’t know how to effectively expose it.

Then there are those raging rebels that try to expose it with little results. Why? Because often the bigger guys silence them, or they sound too crazy to be credible, or, as sad as it sounds, they get baited into the corruption themselves.

It’s truly a fascinating world we live in today. The laws are disregarded, abuse of power is rampant, money buys justice, and the true victims get washed away. Yes, a fascinating world indeed, one I never intend to give up on. The good fight is in my blood, and I will never, never, ever give up on the truth and justice.

Very recently, it has been brought to my attention that our own local county Republican Party is in trouble while our county commissioners have the power to help. And make no mistake y’all, I wholeheartedly believe it’s a slippery slope to take Facebook posts and/or rumors at face value without doing our due diligence. Therefore, I took it upon myself to do some digging around in order to understand the complexities of the conflict, and gather all the facts, before forming my official opinion about the case between Marilyn Watts and the Fayette County Republican Party.

Please indulge me as I begin to attempt setting the record straight in the simplest of terms. First of all, it is a fact that former FCRP Chairman Lane Watts was found guilty by the State Board of Elections on February 6, 2017, for intentionally committing voter fraud. It is also a fact that Lane himself appointed his own mother, Marilyn Watts, to the Board of Elections, under an authority he obtained through said voter fraud.

Furthermore, while there is a questionable order awarding attorney’s fees to Fayette rendering the respective FCRP’s petition as “frivolous,” it is a fact that said order was rendered exactly one month BEFORE Lane was found guilty of misleading the government and us, the voters, the taxpayers.

Yes, it’s true. The order stating the FCRP’s petition to sue Marilyn Watts, was entered on January 6, 2017. The order convicting Lane Watts of voter fraud, was rendered on February 6, 2017. The timing begs suspicion.

Rationale leaves me wondering, “If Lane Watts did in fact violate Georgia Election Code in order to get elected, doesn’t that render his appointment of his mother to the Board of Elections, of which was made under the authority he obtained through said fraudulent electoral process, null and void?”

In other words, how can anything Lane did under false pretenses be thereafter considered valid and lawful?

In fact, it was this improper appointment of Marilyn Watts that caused the FCRP to seek replacement of her, its representative, on the Board of Elections.

I will be reporting on this story with detailed findings in upcoming issues herein, but I will leave you for now to ponder on this thought:

Why do we have laws if they are not to be enforced?


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Andersen to contribute regular columns for Fayette Newspapers

Victoria Andersen, born in New York and a proud resident of Atlanta since 1995, has a unique background being raised by Scandinavian parents in the suburbs of Manhattan (Greenwich, CT) and thereafter Norway and Iceland where she respectively obtained her International Baccalaureate and studied classical piano. She studied Advertising Design, graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta while working as the Special Events Director at Shepherd Center until 2000.

Since then she’s had her own graphic design and printing business serving high-profile nonprofit clients and studied grant writing at UGA, along with serving as Executive Director of the Georgia Home Furnishings Association, Special Events Director of the Arthritis Foundation, Auction Chair of The Bloom Ball in Fayetteville, and Grants Manager and Sponsorship Coordinator at Bloom. She was recently appointed the Vice Chairman of Funding for the Fayette County Republican Party.

Her childhood was anything but normal, surrounded by law, politics, her father’s fight against corruption and his love for America, her grandfather, Harvard Law graduate and Ambassador of Iceland to the United States, her admiration of President Reagan, and passion for helping others. She would be saving her allowance for Reagan, discussing philosophy, reading her father’s encyclopedias, playing classical piano, and dancing to Broadway tunes, while the other children were playing ball.

Inspired by music, lyrics, art, love, justice, and her faith, Victoria has always had a passion for our country. She is a die-hard believer in protecting our Constitution, saving the lives unborn, and cracking down on big government and corruption. Her bleeding heart, creative talents, undying love for the man upstairs, and proven perseverance has led her to a commitment to always do what’s right, no matter the consequences.

After personally experiencing the broken legal system, Victoria went on her own researching Georgia, Federal, and Constitutional law for several years determined to fix the brokenness and help victims of abuse and those of unwilling indigent status. Most recently, Victoria wrote her own legislation sponsored by Senators Michael Williams and Matt Brass. She also advocated strongly for judicial integrity, changes in Georgia’s 27-year-old adoption laws, and the rights of parents protected by our Constitution. Unlike the lobbyists with their expensive suits and focused agendas, Victoria has sacrificed her time and money pushing for the America her father taught her to love so much.

Twenty-four weeks pregnant, Victoria arrived in Fayette County in December of 2014 following a divine intervention during her weeks of stay at Northside Hospital. She had become pregnant during the darkest time of her life. While many have sympathized with the actions by two men that caused her pregnancy, she speaks of how God used a traumatizing time for good. Alone in the hospital and unable to walk with a severe pelvic injury, her parents discovered her pregnancy and threatened to disown her if she did not have an abortion at 22 weeks. This caused Pastor Don Cole in Cordele, along with Bonnie and David Perdue, to lead Luci Hough, Executive Director of the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, and their co-founder, to Victoria’s hospital room on December 16, 2014. After hours of conversations, tears and prayer, she rededicated her life to God and chose life for her unborn child. Luci and Randy went above and beyond and brought Victoria to Fayette County, helped her with housing, physical, and spiritual care, including months of physical therapy so she could walk again, life-changing bible studies, fellowship, and new friendships.

She now shares her testimony with others and has proven her passion to save the innocent lives of the unborn. No one will dispute she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s explored all political angles with an open mind, has cultivated relationships with public servants from all arenas, touched the lives of the affluent and struggling, and will fight for the good and just at all costs. She’s now a proud Republican and mother of David Zachary (“Zac”) Andersen, named after Zac Brown and King David, a man after God’s own heart.”