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What does the President have to hide?

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.
Jack Bernard was the first director of Health Planning for the state of Georgia. He also served as a senior level executive with several national health care firms. Bernard served as Chair of the Jasper County Board of Commissioners and Republican Party.

“Jeff Sessions cannot make this decision about Trump”; “If the FBI believes there is (something) criminal in nature, then for sure you need a special prosecutor.”- Sen Lindsey Graham

I strongly agree that Sessions should not have been involved in the investigation, which he did by recommending that Comey be fired. Sessions is most probably under investigation himself in that he had prior contact with the Russians, lied about it under oath, and, therefore, supposedly recused himself from anything having to do with the investigation. His conduct, including his outrageous refusal to answer questions at the Senate hearings, was unconscionable, but he is just the tip of the iceberg known as the Trump administration.
It is good to have Graham, a fellow Southern Republican, stand up and tell it like it is, even if he does not go far enough. I am certain that he will continue to be called a RINO by Tea Party types, as I have, for standing up for what is right. When did it become anti-GOP to be a true patriot, putting the nation’s interests over that of the President?
As a long-time Republican and former elected official, I believe in really draining the swamp, not just vapid campaign rhetoric. We need to clean up Washington, and both parties are guilty of procrastination when they are in control.
When Trump campaigned, he said he would clean up this mess. Instead, he just added crocodiles to the swamp.
It was, and still is, obvious to me that he was a hypocrite, against transparency in government. Otherwise, he would have released his tax returns (remember Trump’s I am “smart” for not paying taxes comment). Even Nixon, no moral giant, released them. You do not reform government by keeping your questionable financial dealings secret from the public.
If Trump was really committed to draining the swamp, he would not have impeded the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in our democratic elections and the possibly traitorous role of his campaign staff. The FBI, not exactly a bastion of liberalism, was investigating because they believed that there are strong indications of wrong doing. Hopefully, the Special Counsel will find out the facts.
Now I find that my Representative, Drew Ferguson, is silent on the unjustifiable Comey firing. He has voted seven times against resolutions mandating that Trump provide his tax returns.
I suppose we should not be surprised in that Ferguson previously supported gutting the independence of the House Ethics Committee. He refuses to hold town hall meetings to justify his actions to his constituents. Be ashamed!
With the clear obstruction of the FBI investigation by Trump, something he openly admits, the failure of Ferguson and others on the far right to perform their duty and call him out on this and other transgressions is unconscionable. Even if the Special Counsel presents compelling evidence, there is absolutely no chance that Ferguson and partisans like him will take any action against Trump, who calls it a “witch hunt.”
Without any investigation, how are we to know who was involved with the Russians in subverting our elections? How are we to know how Trump’s business dealing are affecting his foreign policy or his placing of Flynn as National Security Advisor despite strong warnings from both the acting AG and the former President?
What is his real motivation for his unfathomable conduct towards the Russians, traditionally our greatest enemy? Is he playing footsy with Putin and the Russians because he has Russian investments? Or are they blackmailing him somehow, as was reported in the media? Or does he just like dictators?
Are his Middle Eastern investments why he chose to visit Saudi Arabia, the country of origin for the 9/11 terrorists and the primary funder of radical Islamic schools, on his first foreign policy trip?
Where is my party’s current day Barry Goldwater, who held Nixon accountable? We need answers, not obstruction, and people like Ferguson are aiding the obstructionists by their silence. They are the RINOs, not Senator Graham or me.