“This week, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats continue with their partisan impeachment charade.”- Rep. Drew Ferguson

Representative, a “charade” means lack of evidence. That’s clearly not the case here, no matter how many times you repeat GOP talking points and ignore facts like the recent Government Accountability Office’s (GAO’s) report stating that Trump withholding the Ukraine’s Congressionally-appropriated funds was a crime.
Incredibly, even after all the evidence brought out against Trump in both the Ukraine and Russian investigations, the base still sticks with him, and the base appears to be just fine with Trump obstructing justice, something he admits.
Last fall, there was a column in The Hill, “Polling points to warning signs for GOP on Trump.” Wonderful. The time is right for the GOP base to finally wake up and just maybe someday they will, but that’s not what a deeper analysis of polls shows as of today.
Recent polls (see FiveThirtyEight) have come out showing support for Trump removal at 49.9 percent, about half of Americans, but 45.9 percent of the public still doesn’t support it. Moreover, only 8 percent of Republicans believe he deserves to be removed, despite overwhelming evidence of obstruction and criminal activity.
Obviously, the GOP base is why Republican political figures like Ferguson continue to back Trump, regardless of the charges or proof. The brainwashed base just doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong. Honestly, I feel that the main thing holding them back from seeing reality and truth is right wing pro-Trump media, Fox News and the rest.
Don’t misinterpret my words. People are free to watch what they want. I read and watch all media, mainstream and Fox, biased though it may be. I receive right wing online publications daily.
However, looking at them is like viewing an alternate universe, devoid of verifiable facts or reality. In this universe, the President is a helpless victim. Per Fox News, he’s simply trying to drain the swamp of corrupt officials like Joe Biden, and his minions (Giuliani, Pompeo) are just loyal patriots.
If that’s all I read and saw, I would not realize that Trump is factually guilty of attempting to force/extort the Ukraine to get involved in our 2020 election by investigating Trump’s main opponent, Biden, on trumped up charges, and that our President clearly stated to the President of the small, beleaguered Ukraine that for providing our ally with military hardware, the Ukraine then had a political debt to repay to Trump.
Frankly, this is nothing new. When I speak with my friends who are conservative, Fox News is their only news source. Why? Because, in their own words, “all other networks lie,” so why watch them? The same with online publications. Right wing newsletters such as “Fix this Nation,” “The Mad Patriots,” and similar publications make Fox News look moderate.
Former Speaker Ryan, no liberal, is now on the Fox board. It’s said that he wants to move Fox’s Trump coverage to be more balanced. For the sake of the nation, let’s hope he succeeds.
In the meantime, I see very little possibility that the GOP base will awaken to the truth about the NYC showman in the White House. As Trump said: “I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Shoot Somebody And I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters!” And, that means chances that the GOP controlled Senate will remove him, however justifiable, are remote not matter what he does. Welcome to “1984.”

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.