15050305114300On Saturday night actor Seth Gilliam became the second major “Walking Dead” cast member to be arrested for DUI on Highway 74 in  Peachtree City.

Gilliam, 46, was clocked going 107 mph on Highway 74 at Georgian Park. In his report the arresting officer noted that Gilliam had already applied the brakes by the time the officer had activated his radar unit and clocked Gilliam’s Chevrolet Cruze going 107 mph.

Gilliam was initially arrested for reckless driving, but officers also noted an odor of alcohol from Gilliam and would also find a marijuana cigarette in his vehicle.

The officer asked Gilliam why he was traveling at such a high rate of speed and he responded that he “normally drove a Jeep and that the car was a rental and was different,” according to the officer’s report.

Gilliam told officers he drank three beers and a shot, according to the report.

The report then said an officer “looked into the back passenger side floorboard because he thought he observed marijuana in plain view,” but what the officer had seen was not marijuana. The officers did, however, smell a “strong odor” of marijuana upon opening the door and found a marijuana cigarette inside a Marlboro cigarette box on the arm rest of the car door.

Gilliam agreed to a field sobriety evaluation, according to the report, and a breath test returned a blood alcohol level of .107, over the legal limit of .08.

Gilliam was charged with speeding, reckless driving, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and DUI.

The arrest comes as filming for season six of “The Walking Dead” is just getting underway. Gilliam has appeared in 17 episodes as Father Gabriel Stokes.

Actor Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene on the show, was also arrested for DUI on Highway 74 in Peachtree City back in August, 2012.