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There is nothing like a peaceful place in which to do relaxing activities to relieve stress. If you are like most people, there is one particular place in your home in that is sanctioned for such activities. Mine just so happens to be a spare room that I have deemed as a sewing/craft room. A lot of women I know have a very similar room, cluttered with all sorts of crafty things from scraps of fabric to bits of beads for jewelry making. It’s a veritable array of relaxation and creativity and relaxation, a.k.a a mess!
My craft/sewing room is a small, cozy extra bedroom at the back of our house. Since we don’t have guests very often, it is used as my little piece of heaven that I most often use for escape. Not only does it house all my creativity, but I also use it as my library. Decorated with an overstuffed chair and couch, as well as two large bookcases, my craft/sewing room is not only cluttered with my craft projects, but also piles of unread books that I have yet to get to.
Since spring has sprung I have been knee deep in cleaning projects throughout my house, in order to keep myself busy. Hesitant to tackle the messiest room in the house, I put it off until the very last moment. When I could avoid it no longer I ventured and began sifting through piles of all sorts of things. What I found is that this room is the room where unfinished projects go to die. I also discovered that there is a lot to be said about a person when unfinished projects tend to mount up.
My projects range from unfinished quilts to partially cut out patterns for costumes I have been interested in making, and of course piles upon piles of various scraps of fabrics ranging from fancy satins to simple cottons. Basically stashes that I can use at any time for anything, whenever inspiration may strike. I even found a needle point project that I started twenty years ago. Cleaning out this room was quite an eye opener.
I realized as I cleaned and organized that in my case my unfinished projects reflect the vast amount of interests I have and the restlessness I feel in wanting to explore them all. I also saw just how short my attention span is. In all actuality, I don’t believe that I have ever finished a project unless I have been given a definite deadline or was being paid for it.
In the end, I realized that life is full of unfinished projects. In fact, life is one great big unfinished project. The great thing is we can always circle around and pick those project back up, it’ never too late until we’re dead.