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Tyrone officer busts suspected drug dealer

Tyrone Police discovered a car full of illegal items during a stop MOnday.

Tyrone Police Officer Lee Huddleston garnered praise Monday after pulling over driver for running a stop sign and discovering a car full of illegal items.
According to Police Chief Brandon Perkins, the pullover took place around 1:30 p.m. Monday on Senoia Road in Tyrone.
“Good police work then led to the discovery of marijuana, cocaine, and a handgun,” said Perkins.
According to Perkins, the suspect is 23-year-old Rodricus Jackson of Atlanta, who has been charged with Possession of marijuana with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Cocaine, and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Obstruction, and Running a Stop Sign.
“He, apparently, had not yet heard about us and our reputation for putting guys like him in jail,” Perkins posted on Facebook Tuesday morning. “He definitely had a case of the Mondays after meeting our fantastic officers.”
Perkins went on to say this pullover and arrest are a good example of why his officers are aggressive in the area of traffic enforcement.
“The visibility it creates keeps most criminals at bay, and it helps us take dangerous drugs, weapons, and people off the streets,” Perkins said. “Another reason Tyrone is one of the safest cities in the state.”

By Danny Harrison

Danny Harrison, a 1992 Fayette High School graduate, began his journalism career with Fayette County News in 1995. After taking several leaves of absence to pursue journalism and Christian ministry opportunities, including a few out of state and overseas, he returned full-time to Fayette County News in August 2014. Harrison earned a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry in 2009 while serving as a missionary journalist in England and Western Europe.