By Amy Scott

Tyrone experienced a powerful microburst weather event Wednesday near the south end of Senoia Road resulting in trees falling on many homes, vehicles and power lines.

The bulk of the damage seems to have occurred in the Whispering Pines mobile home community, which had several homes completely taken out by fallen trees. Many organizations by Thursday morning had taken the opportunity to help clear debris from streets and homes, as well as to provide families with supplies.

One storm victim, Chris Folds, was inside his home with his family as a tree crashed into his five-year-old daughter’s bedroom around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, flattening the entire portion of the home. After running to the other side of the house, Folds says two more trees fell on the house before they made the decision to run to a safer location. Luckily, all of the family made it out of the home safely.

Flat Creek Baptist Church Associate Pastor Mark Ward and other church members were on site at Whispering Pines Thursday finding out what supplies the storm victims need. He said some of the families are members of his church, though they hope to help every family in some way. Each family was asked to fill out a form that will make it easier for the church to give the family exactly what they need. Ward says he hopes to provide families with clothes and shoes that are the right size, as well as food for weeks to come.

Those interested in helping provide needed resources to affected families can call the church at 770-487-4890 for more information.

Ryan Housley, who is both a Tyrone Town Council member as well as CEO of Tyrone-based charity HeroBox, was at the scene shortly after the incident Wednesday night. He helped to remove trees from Senoia Road, which was impassable in several locations until late that night. Thursday morning, he returned with three colleagues, including Molly Martin, Josh Poole and Alyssa Shaw. The team spent the day cutting and moving trees from the roads and off of homes within the community.

Fayette County Board of Education Social Worker Kim Bryan also came to the scene to check on students who were impacted by the storm. Other organizations that came to help the community included Red Cross, Operation Mobilization, and Partners Pizza, who proved residents with dinner Wednesday night after the storm.

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