Tyrone resident Pam Smith, who was convicted in June for recklessly veering her car into motorcyclist David Reames back in 2012, will be sentenced on Thursday afternoon by Fayette County Superior Court Judge Mack Crawford.
Since that June 2, 2012 collision, which threw Reames off his motorcycle and into a shallow, rocky creek, Reames’ leg had to be amputated due to injuries sustained during the incident.
Smith was indicted in March 2013 on charges of Serious Injury by Vehicle, Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, and Improper Lane Change. The indictment said the charges were due to Smith “intentionally moving her vehicle into the path of a motorcycle driven by David Reames, which said accused knew was attempting to pass her vehicle on the left,” and that she “did turn her vehicle from a direct course and move left upon a roadway at a time when such movement could not be made with reasonable safety.”
Reames was wearing a helmet-mounted video camera during his motorcycle ride, and graphic footage from the camera shows him being thrown from his motorcycle, as well as the moments after he learned his leg had been injured.
A jury on June 24 of this year convicted Smith on three of the four charges, but were not able to arrive at a decision on the first charge: Serious Injury by Vehicle.
Judge Crawford’s hearings, including Smith’s sentencing, are scheduled to begin Thursday at 1:30 p.m.
In other Superior Court news, District Attorney Scott Ballard’s office said Tuesday that the Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Assault trial against Jessica Newsome has been postponed indefinitely because the victims in the case have not been located so as to attend the trial as witnesses.
According to court records, Newsome is accused of cutting her husband Anthony Menor Newsome’s arms and stabbing Jessica Patricia Corkill through the eyelid and in the eye during a Nov. 10, 2014 incident in the Newsomes’ home. A trial before Superior Court Judge Fletcher Sams was scheduled to begin as early as Monday in the case.