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Tyrone armadillos attacked by armed human

At least four unwelcomed armadillos came under fire Wednesday in Tyrone, prompting Police Chief Brandon Perkins to reminding residents that shooting guns inside town limits for most purposes is a no-go, varmint eradication included.

“We received a shots-fired call in a southside neighborhood about lunch time yesrterday,” Perkins posted on Facebook Thursday morning. “Upon arrival, we discovered that a homeowner had opened fire on some armadillos (four of them) that he suspects had been digging up his lawn and flower beds.”

Perkins later said that two of those armadillos died, one was wounded and one fled the scene unharmed. He said the homeowner had used a .22 caliber rifle.

“This incident serves as a reminder that it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the town limits unless it is in defense of yourself or others,” Perkins continued in his Facebook post. “Protecting your turf grass from woodland creatures is not a valid defense.”

Perkins suggests residents instead use wildlife repellants or call professional trappers.