By Sydney Spencer and Bryan Davis

A tense morning in a Fayetteville subdivision led to the arrest of two men and the death of a third.

Fayetteville Police Captain Chad Myers announced on Wednesday that 36-year-old Augustus C. Romain and 21-year-old Xavier H. Rushin are being held on multiple charges, ranging from kidnapping to aggravated sodomy.

Based on the charges given by the Fayetteville PD, there could be at least two victims in this case.

In a release on Wednesday, Myers identified the man found deceased in the home on Tuesday as Amonte T. Ammons, who was 18.

Simmons, the release said, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The incident started with a 7:48 a.m. 911 call from an unidentified male who whispered to the dispatcher that he had been kidnapped by “an organization,” according to Myers in an earlier update.

He then hung up.

A look at one entrance to the Woodbyne subdivision on Tuesday morning. Photo by Michael Clifton.

The 911 dispatch center was able to trace the call to the residence on Selwyn Court in the Woodbyne subdivision off White Road.

The Fayette County News has elected not to identify the exact address where the incident took place.

Police responded to the residence, where they initially encountered a man on foot.

“They attempted to stop him and make contact with him, but he fled on foot, which made them follow him and take him into custody,” said Myers.

After that incident, officers were able to see movement inside the house, Myers describing a person waving from a window. Officers then used the PA and instructed everyone to evacuate the residence.

“From that point, they were able to see some movement inside the house, through the blinds and windows,” said Myers. “They called people out through the PA system of the car, and those individuals did come out voluntarily.”

A total of nine people exited the home.

Police and emergency vehicles lined the area around White Road in Fayetteville on Tuesday morning. Photo by Michael Clifton

Myers said at least some of the ones who came out of the home were not cooperative with officers, and at least one apparently provided identification showing that they lived there.

It was not known as of Wednesday which one of those individuals, if any, was the one who placed the initial 911 call.

“We’re still determining who the person was that called,” said Myers. “There were several individuals inside who weren’t being cooperative when they first came out, so they’re still trying to determine who it was amongst those people.”

One that did come out indicated to police that there was at least one individual remaining in the home.

Before entering the residence, Fayetteville Police had to possess a warrant to search for that person inside.

“We had indication from one of the individuals that came out that there was still one person inside the house,” said Myers. “He didn’t give any indications that person was injured or hurt at the time when he came out, so for safety reasons they secured the SWAT teams on-site and brought in those additional resources to search the house safely.”

Among those resources was the Clayton County EOD Robotics Unit, which was used to gain entry into the home. That is when it was discovered that Ammons was deceased.

Fayetteville PD was assisted by several surrounding agencies, including the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, Peachtree City Police Department, Clayton County’s EDO Robotics Unit and local fire departments.

Police were able to cut off access to the subdivision and issued an alert on social media asking people in the area to shelter in place. That alert was lifted sometime Tuesday afternoon.

Woodbyne area residents lined the street in vehicles of a nearby subdivision, where media were camped for most of the day.

Residents told the Fayette County News on site Tuesday that the neighborhood is typically quiet and that there was no prior indication that anything in the neighborhood was amiss.

Meanwhile, Romain is charged with aggravated sodomy, conspiracy to commit a felony (two counts), false imprisonment (two counts), kidnapping (two counts), aggravated assault (two counts) and criminal street gang activity (two counts).

Rushin is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony (two counts), false imprisonment (two counts), kidnapping (two counts), aggravated assault (two counts), criminal street gang activity (two counts) and obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer.