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Two burglaries occur in Fayette County over the weekend

By Kyle Soto

A pair of burglaries—one at a home in Brooks and one at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Peachtree City—occurred over the weekend.

The first burglary was reported at a Brooks residence on Friday afternoon, although it could have occurred as early as Tuesday, July 18, since the residence had been vacant since then.

The former occupants had moved out, but left various items to be picked up at a later time, according to Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Allen Stevens. A specific date and time cannot be given due to a lack of witnesses.

The suspect(s) reportedly entered through a window on the front porch, and the window screen was found on the ground with the window unlocked. Various items, most noticeably antique items, were stolen from the home.

Early on Sunday, a Dunkin’ Donuts in Peachtree City was robbed. The burglars, who have not yet been identified, non-forcibly entered through the back door of the building. Dunkin’ Donuts employees arrived and reported the burglary before 5 a.m. after finding the back door unlocked with an undisclosed amount of money stolen from open and empty cash drawers. As of Monday afternoon, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office had not yet received video surveillance from Dunkin’ Donuts.