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Trump: Wants to go back to bad old days, but mid-terms may have set him back

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.
Jack Bernard is a retired healthcare SVP and nationally published columnist. He was the Chairman of the Republican Party and County Commission in Jasper County.

“All in the Trump Family” theme song: 

“Boy, I wish housing discrimination in NY had stayed
We put the innocent Central Park 5 guys on parade. 
Racist, wealthy guys like us we had it made, 
Those were the days. 

We could say the President was born in Kenya then, 
P****** could be grabbed by rich men, 
Mister we could use Strom Thurmond 
In the GOP and Congress again. 

Didn’t need California, Illinois or New York state, 
Forget democracy, the electoral college decides my fate. 
Gee wasn’t good old Joe McCarthy great. 
Those were the days!” ~ by Donald Trump?

Ok, the Donald didn’t really write this satiric song, but he certainly could have given his white nationalistic record. He wants to turn the nation around and go back to the bad old days of open oppression of minorities and women, something he at least indirectly campaigned on in the Mid-Terms.
However, Trump bigotry is nothing new. The President has a long and ignominious record of discrimination against black and brown people which dates back to the 1970s.
Here is a brief summary:
1. Housing discrimination: In the early ’70s, Trump’s company violates the Fair Housing Act in NYC. Trump vows never to do it again. As usual, he lied. In 1978 the Department of Justice alleges that Trump was still discriminating against black and brown people.
2. Central Park Five: Five young African-American men were charged with raping a white jogger. Trump buys newspaper ads advocating, “Bring back the death penalty.” After they had spent a lot of time in prison, the courts determine that the men did not do it, but Trump never accepts the findings or retracts his statements.
3. Casinos: From 1992–2000, Trump promotes bigotry towards Native Americans and African-Americans in his casino, saying “laziness is a trait in blacks.” He continues his attacks on native Americans by calling Senator Warren “Pocahontas.”
4. Birther movement: In 2011-2012, Trump states Obama was born in Kenya and is Muslim, undermining our first black President.
5. Mexican rapists: Trump declares Mexico is exporting rapists and criminals to the U.S. and continues to falsely claim that the MS-13 Mexican gang constitutes a large number of our illegal immigrants.
6. Mexican-American judge: In the Trump University case, Trump asks that Judge Curiel, born in Indiana, recuse himself solely due to his heritage.
7. Appeal to racism in Presidential campaign: Trump encourages and enthusiastically accepts support from racists in his Presidential bid (and still does). “Voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage,” stated former Ku Klux Klan leader and current white supremacy activist David Duke.
8. Charlottesville: Trump equates anti-racist protesters with violent white supremacists and neo-Nazi agitators, calling them “fine people.” He recants in a carefully read statement, but later goes back and says his original statements were correct. White power leaders openly rejoice at the President’s vocal support of their movement. They still do.
9. Holocaust remembrance: Trump issues a commemorative statement which incredibly excluded any mention of the 6 million Jews who were targeted and died in Nazi extermination camps.
10. NFL: Trump purposefully twists: A. the act of NFL players taking a knee, their constitutional right, to protest police violence against innocent black citizens into B. disrespect for America, the rule of law and first responders. He continues bringing the subject up, pressuring NFL owners to attempt to limit NFL players right to protest.
11. Shithole: Trump says we should have immigration from Norway versus non-white nations. Michael Cohen indicates that this was not the first time.
12. Caravan/Cop Killer video: Much like the disgusting “Willie Horton” ad released by Bush Senior in his race against Dukakis, Trump issues his own racist video mid-term campaign ad. It describes a CA cop killer of Mexican origin, implying that the Democrats were responsible and that there are more like him in the immigrant “caravan.” In fact, the convict was deported under Clinton and came back under W. There is no proof that criminals are in the caravan, which is composed of people fleeing terror, many of them women and children.

The Mid-Terms have indicated his unpopularity with many Americans, but clearly his base is still with him, as the Senate wins have proven. Thank whatever deity to which you pray that Trump was at least partially, if not fully, repudiated in those mid-terms. 
Unfortunately, this election did not conclusively serve notice that our nation, Republican, Independent, and Democrat, will no longer tolerate blatant racism from our President. There is only one way that this dismal situation will change. It is past time for the weak-kneed GOP Congressional leadership to stand up, stop playing party politics, and condemn Trump’s bigotry. Right now, not later after Mueller nails him, his family, and fellow conspirators for collusion and obstruction.