Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for the state of Georgia.

Author’s note: I have no direct knowledge that the above conversation ever took place. But, it very well could have.


Trump: Ivanka, it looks like the fake news has zeroed in on you. But you know as the daughter of a sitting President, you can’t be indicted.

Ivanka: Daddy, what do you mean? From what I have read, even you might be indicted while you are in office. It’s still up in the air and would be decided by the courts.

Trump: Why do you think that I fought so hard to get “Justice Beer” on the Supreme Court? Let me give you a hint: it was not his winning way with young women. Honey, I’m stacking the court with my guys. The issue will end up with SCOTUS. They’ll never vote to let me be indicted while I’m President. They owe me big time.

Ivanka: Even if they do, I can still be indicted, Daddy.

Trump: This is my country, my White House, and Mueller works only for me. If he tries to indict you, I will just fire him.

Ivanka: Will Congress let you?

Trump: They have no choice. Gutless McConnell is shaking in his booties and he runs the Senate. He knows that if I criticize him, he will lose in the primary. The others are even more scared, especially after Flake and Corker quit because they knew that they would never win a primary without my support.

Ivanka: Well, I understand that to the base you can do no wrong, regardless of the facts, Daddy. But, the Feds have me on a lot, and Jared and my brothers on even more.

Trump: Come on, I am sure that it’s no big deal. After all, I haven’t seen anything critical about us on Fox. What are those disloyal, biased Feds looking into anyway?

Ivanka: Well, they are saying that Jared and I were pushing to get tax breaks for developers in a Federal urban redevelopment program called Opportunity Zones. And, the Associated Press ran a story about Jared having a really big investment in a real estate development company that is heavily involved in the program in a number of cities. Plus, there is the whole Trump Tower meeting that Jared and Don, Jr. attended, along with the Russians. Some people are saying that was treasonous.

Trump: So what?

Ivanka: Daddy, if they can prove these accusations, Don Jr., Jared, and I could be charged and even jailed. And, there is more. My siblings and I are on the Board of the Trump Foundation and it’s under investigation for various illegalities, including some directly related to me. There was a story in Politicus which made it sound like I was bound to go to jail. Plus, some people are saying that in regard to your inauguration I personally violated tax laws.

Trump: No sweat, honey.  Guilty or not, I will just pardon you, Jared, and all of the family. After all, everyone in DC that’s a Republican is afraid of me. There are no Goldwaters in my GOP. This Senate will never remove me no matter what I do.

Ivanka: If you are still in office, you might be able to pull that off regarding charges related to Federal crimes. But the New York Attorney General is out to get me and will charge me under New York State law. I’m afraid, Daddy.

Trump: Just stick with me, sweetie. You know how loyal I’ve been with all those folks that have worked for me. I will be just as loyal to you and the boys.

Ivanka: For some reason, what you just said really has not made me feel better, Daddy.

Author’s note: I have no direct knowledge that the above conversation ever took place. But, it very well could have.