For just over three hours Tuesday night, residents heard about how Peachtree City is planning for its future.

Part of the plan is dealing with the traffic that will ultimately wind up in Peachtree City. With Coweta County expected to add 98,000 residents in the next few years, one of the focuses Tuesday was how to deal with those residents either driving through Peachtree City or heading east on Ga. Highway 54.

Any topic concerning the city’s traffic inevitably starts with the very crowded Ga. Highway 74/54 intersection.

Since both highways are state highways, City Manager Jon Rorie maintains the state should maintain the intersection.

Currently, the plan involves a continuous flow intersection with a displaced left turn. According to a transportation study by Texas A & M University, a continuous flow intersection (CFI), or displaced left-turn (DLT) intersection, removes the left-turning vehicles from the main intersection and directs them to a separate roadway running parallel to the main lanes. This design allows more green time for the major traffic flows. 

Rorie said that partial solution is planned for 2020 and costs $10 million, which is fully funded by the state.

The other option is an overpass/underpass that would cost the city $11 million in local matching funds.

Another option for moving the Coweta residents through the city is the extension of TDK Boulevard, which drew the ire of the City Council.

Councilman Kevin Madden was adamant in his opposition to the road’s extension.

“Coweta County needs two bypasses on the north and south,” Madden said.

He suggested Coweta County look at expanding state highways 85 and 16 to deal with their traffic volume.

With the rest of the City Council also opposed to the extension of TDK Boulevard, Rorie said he would get a resolution drafted stating the city’s opposition to the proposal in the county’s master transportation plan.