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Quote from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night “: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.” (Act II, Scene v).
Describe the iconic patriot, Samuel Adams, using this quote. You have 70 minutes.

Samuel Adams
Such an Iconic Patriot, They Named a Beer After Him
By Ben D. Rules

Although my American History teacher is my favorite teacher in high school, I tend to also learn a lot from the comedy television show, “Drunk History.” Although inebriated, the narrator provides good information about a person or event in history.
Last week they featured Sam Adams. To me, it looks like he had mother issues for several reasons: A) Even after attending college, he did not find the kind of work that interested him as a young man, so he moved home and became an adult dependent living off his parents and their money and 2) Moving back home to live with his mother and father, did he misplace his feelings for his mother when he couldn’t cut the umbilical cord at home but was obsessed with doing so against his mother country?
Angry and a rebel rouser, he harnessed popular resentment against Parliament’s authority to tax colonies. Why was he so upset? It wasn’t his money. But one day, I guess it would be. Maybe this was another resentment towards his mother as she would inherit their wealth should his father pass on first. And his family was pretty well off selling malts to beer breweries. Is this where he found his love of beer? Although a devout Puritan, he still frequented a lot the taverns in Boston. He didn’t care what was thought about his affection for beer unlike the Boston Baptist Puritans. Oh, those Baptist Puritans still drank, they just didn’t drink in downtown Boston. They traveled to the next town to purchase and consume theirs. But there were other Baptist Puritans from Boston doing the same!
Although Sam Adams may have been a drunk, at least he wasn’t a hypocrite or he might have said he was only selling his home-grown malts to the local breweries, so that’s why he was in the taverns a lot. But guess what? His father did pass first. Sam took over the malt business for his mother and they went bankrupt.
I don’t see how that Frederick Shakespeare quote relates to Sam. He certainly didn’t measure up to those three choices. Generally on our multiple choice tests, there is a fourth choice, like ‘d) none of the above.’ Why didn’t you have one of those? Although you are my favorite teacher, not having a fourth choice, like we are all use to, is lame. I mean, you prepare us for standardized testing with four choices. How can we expect less? I feel cheated. If I had a fourth choice, I might choose it and then could finish this essay with another idea.
Clock says I have 15 minutes.
As it is, the three choices threw me off. Why couldn’t Edward Shakespeare not have a fourth choice as well?
Personally, I think Sam Adams might have just loved to hear himself talk. Rebellious by nature and enjoying the malts of his labor – hope you get that reference- he established The Sons of Liberty. I am sure they sat around drinking beer from their pewter tankards and pontificating (two big words – hope I get extra credit) their thoughts. I like seeing those pewter mugs with beer in them. Not for me, of course.
I bet Sam and Paul Revere had some good times enjoying their taverns’ beers and discussing the war. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall overhearing one of their conversations about what Paul was going to be involved in like…