A new thrift store is coming to Tyrone for a good cause. With proceeds supporting all first responders, 4heroes Thrift Store is now open.
The thrift store itself will offer your traditional selection of clothing, furniture, and housewares, but it’s where the money goes that sets 4heroes apart, and FireChaplain.org is the driving force behind the business.
“We provide emotional and spiritual support to first responders. We work with a eight agencies in three different counties,” said Frank Mercer, president of FireChaplain.org and senior pastor at Rolling Hills Baptist Church. “We are trying to provide boots on the ground, active chaplains to service these agencies by being present, being at the fire station, riding in the squad car, and being at critical incidents.”
FireChaplain.org supports first responders when they’re off the clock. Death by suicide far outnumbers line-of-duty deaths, and they also see 75 percent of marriages end in divorce.
“We’re concerned about how these folks are doing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We’re trying to give them an anchor and support,” Mercer said. “We’re trying to offer resources to help them with their families, to help them be more anchored, and we want to just be available and present for them.”
Their services are available to any first responders, regardless of faith.
“We are Christian chaplains, but we are chaplains for everybody,” said Mercer. “It doesn’t matter where you come from in terms of faith or any other qualifying characteristic you might have, we’re here for everybody, but we’re motivated by our faith.”
The 4heroes Thrift Store is located at 992 Senoia Road in Tyrone in the old Real Life storefront.
“We want it to be a thrift store that does what the Real Life store did in terms of being a resource for the community, a place people can come and relax and feel like they’re part of a family,” said Mercer. “We also really want folks to understand that when they donate or when they buy from us, this is what their money is going to. It’s going to support first responders in our community.”
For more information on getting involved with the 4heroes thrift store, contact. Pam Mercer
“They should contact the store manager,” said Frank. “She is a very attractive young lady named Pam Mercer, who I happen to be married to.”
She can be reached at 4heroesthrift@gmail.com or call the store at 770-632-3590.
For more information on the group behind the store, visit firechaplain.org.