Keanna Lashonna Gibson, the third member of a female teenager trio accused of robbing a man and hijacking his car in south Fayette County in Feb. 2014, plead guilty late Monday afternoon and was sentenced to nine years in jail.
According to Fayette County Sheriff’s Department reports, on Feb. 19, 2014 Brianna Deshanna Gibson, the sister of Keanna Lashonna Gibson, lured Naushad Daredia through a social media website to a home on Weldon Place off Inman Road in southeastern Fayette County under the illusion that he was going to have a date with her. When Daredia arrived at the location, the Gibson sisters, along with Allawni Sierra Ford, “did forcibly remove Daredia from his vehicle after hitting him multiple times causing visible bodily injury”, according to an arrest warrant.
The trio were accused of stealing Daredia’s 2007 Acura TL sedan and his wallet, credit cards, and cash with the threat of a knife and stun gun that were brandished at the time of the robbery.
All three were indicted on charges of Armed Robbery, Criminal Attempt to Commit Armed Robbery, Hijacking a Motor Vehicle, and Aggravated Assault. Additionally, Brianna Gibson was indicted on the charge of Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Felony, and Keanna was indicted on the additional charge of Possession of a Knife During Commission of a Felony.
Allawni Sierra Ford negotiated a plea deal with the district attorney’s office in March and was found guilty on the reduced, sole charge of Robbery. She was given a 10-year prison sentence, of which she must serve nine behind bars.
Brianna Deshanna Gibson negotiated her plea deal in August and was found guilty on a reduced Robbery charge along with an Aggravated Assault charge and a reduced Theft by Taking charge instead of the Hijacking a Motor Vehicle charge. She was sentenced to 15 years on all three charges, but concurrently and not consecutively. She was ordered to spend nine of those years in prison.
On Monday, Keanna Lashonna Gibson also entered her negotiated guilty plea and was found guilty on the Aggravated Assult charge along with reduced Robbery and Theft by Taking charges. She was given three concurrent 15-year sentences and was ordered to serve nine of those in prison.