Have you heard of Fayette CARE Clinic?  Fayette CARE Clinic is a 501c3 providing healthcare to low income, uninsured residents of Fayette County.  We are located across the street from Piedmont Fayette Hospital: 1260 Hwy 54 W, Suite 204, Fayetteville, Ga. 30214.
All funding comes from fundraisers, grants, local businesses, civic groups, and individual donations.  No government funding is provided.
Myth 1: There are no poor people in Fayette County.  20% of our county is either uninsured or underinsured.  Yes, Fayette County is listed as the second healthiest in the state.  But did you know that ranking is based on the number of healthcare providers and facility ratio to our population?  Yes, this is true.  It doesn’t mean we are number 2 in providing access to healthcare for our residents.
Myth 2:  Fayette CARE Clinic is a clinic only for the undocumented residents of our county.  Not True.  Our patient population is 5% undocumented, 54% Caucasian, and 41% African American.
Myth 3:  With the implementation of Healthcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act there is no longer a need for Fayette CARE Clinic.  Not True.  Community Needs Assessments projects that the needs of clinics, such as Fayette CARE Clinic will increase patient visits by 30 – 50%.  Even if Governor Deal decided to expand Medicaid, these patients may still not have access to healthcare.  Why?  Very few physicians accept Medicaid patients and more and more are not accepting new Medicare patients.
Fayette CARE Clinic is in need of volunteer healthcare providers (especially those with access to EPIC), dental and other specialty providers, grant writers, and funding.  Please contact us at 770.719.4619 to get involved.

Sheryl Watford is the executive director for the Fayette CARE Clinic. For more information, visit them online at www.fayettecareclinic.com.