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Once preparing my high school students on how to stand out on their college applications among all those applying, I now hear from them about the current courses they are taking for their either their majors or just for college credit. They have emailed me about their selections and boy, are they doozies! Most of us spent our educations taking the required courses, the standard ones needed for graduation. Now there are more choices for credit than just the basics.
Useful knowledge? Ridiculous waste of time? Creative titles teasing students to sign up? Which would you take to spice up your education?

Hearing from former student, Ty Tannic, he comments, “Planning ahead in my major, I came across these course offerings at my community college. I was surprised to learn they are also offered at some of the leading learning institutions in the nation.

As a science major, I thought since the University of California, Irvine, offered this course, they would accept this class for a science credit, in case I wanted to transfer there:

The Science of Superheroes. The description reads, ‘While it might sound like fun and games, this course takes superheroes as a means to teach students real lessons about physics.’ This may be the only way I could pass physics since I like superheroes and have seen all the Avengers movies.”

Ty continues, “Another course I think I’d like that is offered at my community college is one that’s listed in the University of California at Berkeley’s catalogue:

The Strategy of StarCraft is described as ‘Fans of this game say it’s one of the most difficult to master, but this course at Berkeley aims to help students learn the game better through lessons from one of its creators.’ Although I am pretty good at StarCraft and since my professor is not one of the game’s creators, maybe it will not be as difficult, I can get enjoy it, and still get credit.”

He says, “I need to take a philosophy class and liked the title of this one:

The Simpsons and Philosophy. My catalogue states, ‘While the Simpsons may appear to be just good entertainment, this course shows the deeper philosophical issues under all those ‘d’ohs.’ And to think this course is also offered at The University of California at Berkeley. WOW!”

Hearing from another student with the same concern, Marsha Mellow wanted me to know about her classes.

Here are her course descriptions:

Marsha writes, “Under Language and Literature, just like at the University of California at Berkeley, my in-state college is offering:

Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ on TV Judge Shows. The description reads – ‘Ever felt like the plaintiffs on TV judge shows have some pretty questionable logic? This class addresses that subject directly, allowing students to pull apart courtroom excuses just like Judge Judy.’ ”

Marsha mentions that she also needs a sociology, psychology and anthropology course. “I feel lucky to take a course like this one because it is also offered at MIT:

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil: This course ‘examines a question that many people ask themselves–how can good people do bad things?’ ”

Which course is most appealing to you?

*Courses real. Student names are not.