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The Outsider versus the Traditional Politician

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.
Jack Bernard is a frequent contributor to many major papers across the country. He is a retired healthcare senior executive and the former Chairman of the Jasper County (GA) Board of Commissioners and Republican Party.

I must say that I am still sick of traditional politicians and have been for a long time. Maybe I am too much of an idealist, but I am tired of the excessive greed, lies, cover-ups, and general deceit.
So, last year I was looking for a GOP outsider this election cycle. My ideal was someone with an impeccable personal background, a moral family man/woman with high standards who would preserve personal liberties and individualism. Someone who could bring the nation back together once again while: A. not trampling on the rights of minorities or the less fortunate; or B. not forgetting that we must all live together in a large community of people with shared values and traditions who should help one another.
I sought a candidate who would balance the budget through both cutting waste and increasing revenues in an equitable manner so that the wealthy would pay their fair share. I wanted someone who would respect our military and, after the disasters in Vietnam and Iraq, know when to deploy it…and when to declare victory and take our boys home.
When the smoke cleared, after months of GOP debates and wrangling, that is not what I got. Or, more importantly, not what our nation ultimately got for President. My party, the GOP, has taken an immense step backward, as has our nation. Recent events since the election have not changed my opinion, they have only strengthened it.
We do have an outsider, but one who has admittedly bought off every politician he could find to get his own way and increase his own personal wealth. He has done so while paying virtually no taxes, apparently a point of pride for him, proving he is “smart” for tax evasion. His tax plan and budget continue this trend of the rich paying little to fund our government, including adequate care for our veterans.
He says our generals are puppets and that he knows more than they do. He believes that John McCain, imprisoned for many years in North Vietnam, is not a hero, but he himself is because he constructs big buildings.
He likes and admires the dictator running Russia. He gladly accepted his support in the election and openly encouraged more hacking by Putin and his modern day KGB which influenced the result of our election.
He threatens to start a war with any nation that does not buckle under his dictates and leaves Europe in peril by reneging on our NATO commitments.
He wants to drain the swamp, but appoints know-nothing billionaires, a Congressman with shady insider stock trades, and a National Security Advisor with ties to Russia.
He is also a person who has a track record of bigotry and well-known misogyny. His companies have been fined and cited by regulatory agencies in this regard, a point correctly made by his debate opponent and never refuted. Little wonder he is supported by David Duke and the neo-Nazi movement. Who can forget his tweet with the Star of David surrounded by dollar bills? Steve Bannon is the Rasputin behind his throne.
He first began taking that direction before the election with his ridiculous, outrageous, and untrue birther comments (inadequately explained away since), mile-high walls, Muslim bans, and immigration comments in general. Plus, his consistently denigrating speeches talking down to the entire African-American community are unbelievably arrogant and thoughtless, as was his law and order answer to a question in the first Presidential debate.
He is someone who thinks that it is fine to have been married three times while talking about the immorality of others, curse like a sailor about his opponents, and lie every other word out of his mouth (alternate facts?) to achieve his ends. He even threatens his allies, as the Freedom Caucus discovered after the Obamacare repeal fiasco.
Let’s not forget placing his hands on his daughter in inappropriate places, saying weird things about wanting to date her, and being generally horrible to women, including Carly Fiorina, a fellow Republican who correctly called him out on it during the primary.
Not only is he on tape grotesquely and profanely saying it is okay to grope women (who he says just love him for it since he is a star) but he is irrefutably unrepentant. His feeble apology will go down in the annals of this past election as yet another instance of blue collar women excusing his behavior and inexplicably voting for him anyway.
There were numerous good people who could have been nominated by the GOP, my party, people with unimpugnable integrity, solid values, good morals, and fine character like John Kasich. We just did not pick one. And neither did America in the general election.
Look in the mirror and in your heart to figure out why.