What a challenging time it has been! Sheltering-in-place has changed our lives. At first blush, most of these changes seemed bad. Our children missed out on time in the classroom and with their peers. Recitals, graduations, and other events are delayed or abandoned. Easter celebrations were held at home. Work hours are cut or eliminated. While there is no denying that these changes weigh heavy on each of us, I believe there is some good to be found in this new world, and I would like to share some of the positive changes I’ve seen.

I typically try between five and 15 cases a year. Presenting a case to a jury is one of my passions. Our offices are still open for business, but jury trials are suspended for the time being. Margrit is also out of school, so I’m now dedicating part of my day to another of my greatest loves, my daughter. That’s right, your Acting District Attorney has now become a part-time kindergarten teacher. Teachers should get paid much more! In truth, I’m ranked far below her other teachers, as Margrit tells me that I get frustrated too easily. However, I am spending an extra three hours a day with my precious daughter. I’m teaching her, and I’m learning about her. And my daughter is a fascinating subject. 

Our family also spends more time around the table having a meal than we ever have before. As we try to limit our trips to the grocery store, we have been digging deep into the recipe books, and even our picky Margrit is trying new foods!

I’ve also watched our community come together. The support for those on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic is incredible. There is kindness in the air, like a neighbor recently playing a nightly bagpipe concert as a tribute to those in the medical field. This unexpected pause in life has made all of us more aware of how special the people around us really are.  

For someone who is often faced with the evil that men do, the past week has refreshed my spirit with the renewed belief that people are good. I hope that as each of you continue to stay safe and healthy, you are also able to find your own sunshine. Let us take this time to be kind to one another. We need it now, more than ever.

Marie Greene Broder is the Acting District Attorney for the Griffin Judicial Circuit which includes Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson Counties. Her office is in Fayetteville. She resides in Griffin with her husband, daughter, and a very rambunctious Labrador. You can reach her at mbroder@fayettecountyga.gov or call the Fayette office.