Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.

The recent statements of Rep. Omar are disturbing. She used anti-Semitic dog whistles on several occasions in her condemnation of Congressmen supporting Israel. Even more disturbing is the fact that the Democratic leadership refused to stand firm and pass a resolution to condemn her remarks.
Per polls (see Mosaic and Times of Israel), the majority of Palestinians do not want a two-state solution, whereas (until recently) the majority of Israelis did, until they gave up based on Palestine intransigence. This subject is at the core of the problem and why almost no progress has been made in 70 years. But, folks on the far left of the progressive movement don’t want to recognize this fact.
Many Muslims believe that the Jews stole their land and are the cause of the poverty that many Palestinians experience. Due to the policies of the right-wing Netanyahu government, settler expansion on the West Bank continues, reinforcing this view. The far left has bought into this argument with no balance.
Here’s a very brief history from the Jewish point of view. Jews have been in the area of modern-day Israel for thousands of years. The Romans destroyed the Jewish state not long after the death of Jesus and dispersed most Jews throughout their empire. Since then, Jews have been second class citizens, oppressed in both Christian and Muslim nations. They’ve been struggling to get their own nation ever since, until 1947 when Israel was created and recognized by the United Nations in the wake of the genocidal Holocaust.
The far left does not care to realize that the Jewish experience in the USA is an aberration as compared to the rest of history. It’s a “golden age” for Jews, who are among the best educated and affluent Americans.
Students who are Zionists are censored at various campuses around the nation (see San Francisco State University, for example) and harassed (see Emory). Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have demonstrated repeatedly in order to shut down these events held by Jewish groups, ensuring that the Zionists are not allowed to speak.
I personally do not support the current Israeli government’s expansion of Israeli territory and many other current Israeli policies, but these pro-Israel students have a right to be heard. Censorship is bad enough, but to have speech censored at colleges and universities, where there is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas, is outrageous.
Further, I know from social media that there’s little knowledge by the far left of why there has been no peace. As Bill Maher stated recently, the Palestinian leadership is the Palestinian people’s biggest problem. And, continues to be!
Due to space, I will not go through the entire history of the conflict. However, for an example of poor leadership one simply has to look at the Clinton-brokered peace deal back in the 90s. A left wing Israeli government made tremendous concessions, but Arafat turned down the final deal, never giving a reason. Then, he called for an Intifada (holy war) against Israel which began a new cycle of violence. This refusal to negotiate in good faith lead directly to the right-wing governments of Sharon and Netanyahu, emphasizing strength versus compromise and long-term solutions.
The Palestinian people were betrayed by Arafat, as well as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority who have continued to refuse to confront reality. These groups continue to tell their people that one day there will be a single Muslim state in the area currently comprising Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.
Sometimes they are subtle, like the Palestinian Authority, saying that Israel has a right to exist but refusing to say it’s the Jewish homeland. They know that Israel will never agree to having all the descendants of the Palestinians who left in 1947 return to Israel, making it a majority Muslim state.
Hamas is not so subtle. This violent group just continues to tell people that the Jews will be driven into the sea.
In short, it would be a tragedy if the far left continues down this path, looking only at one side, ignoring both history and reality. The Corbyn lead Labor Party has already done this in England. Let’s not let the Democratic Party do the same here, driven by ideologues like Omar.