The Forte family is helping empower young women with the Esther 212 Project, including events like one at World Changers Church International where they donated 500 bags filled with hair care tips, products, and jewelry.

by Russell Cooks

Allen and Patricia Forte have been nurturing and supporting world class athletes for Sandy Creek for more than a decade now, but that’s not all they do.
They supported their daughter Jasmayne in basketball from 2006-2008 and in track and field from 2006-1010. Then came Breah from 2009-2013 as the step team captain and in cross country from 2012-2013. Finally, their last gift to Sandy Creek was DJ, an new Ole Miss football signee, who won multiple middle school County Championships in football and basketball at Flat Rock and a State Championship in football at Sandy Creek. Athletics isn’t everything for the Forte family though. Since 2013, Patricia has been changing the world of young ladies throughout Atlanta Metro area through the Esther 212 Project.
“We take the God-given gift of beauty and develop that gift through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by empowering, encouraging, educating, and training young women,” Patricia said is the vision of the Esther 212 Project. “The understanding of God’s love and grace, while enhancing self-esteem, establishes morals, thus generating change in their communities.”
Mrs. Forte established the Esther Project 212 with the goal of bringing awareness to young women that possessed true inner beauty. She utilizes healthy educational resources to enhance their self-esteem and to nurture their self-worth.
“In 2013, the Esther Project 212 participated in our very first ‘Back to School’ event held at World Changers Church International. During the event we donated 500 bags filled with hair care tips, products, and jewelry. As a result of our participation we recognize the high demand and great need in the community.”
The Esther 212 Project is currently partnering with schools and other organizations to bring awareness, providing mini workshops on empowerment, and providing resources based on the needs of the individual.
“We are a non-profit organization, and we partner with schools, churches, and community organizations to empower our young women,” said Patricia. “We believe that beauty begins from the inside. Inner beauty is our spirit in which God has given to each individual. The real you is reflected in the way you carry yourself.
“Your appearance, the way you dress, your hairstyle, make-up, and body language, these outside manifestations display your true inner spirit. The Esther Project 212 strives to ensure that young women display their positive spirit dwelling on the inside which will manifest the positive on the outside.”
The Forte’s have definitely made a positive difference in the lives of their children and now, they are building up the community through lives of young women.