It’s time to put a bow on boys lacrosse season with All-County Team honors. 

Three teams qualified for the playoffs this year, with both Starr’s Mill and Whitewater winning area championships and advancing in the playoffs. The Panthers stretched the farthest, reaching the Final Four. 

Earning top honors, Alex Ratinaud of Starr’s Mill and TJ Hill of Whitewater are Co-Players of the Year. Ratinaud, a senior defender and team captain, was the heart of a stingy Panther defense, earning 2nd Team All-State honors and holding an All-American opponent to just 1 goal. Hill, a senior midfielder, was the first-ever Wildcat to earn All-State honors, racking up 58 goals and 20 assists. 

Remaining is amazing batch of players on the All-County Boys Lacrosse Team. 

Joining Ratinaud from Starr’s Mill are Will Allen, Andersen Cardoza, Charles Cochran, Charlie Crockett, Graham Lyle, Seth Maxwell, Nate Mitchell, Taylor Ratinaud, Barrett Schmidlkofer, and Collin Smith. 

Allen, a senior defender, helped hold opponents to 5 goals or less in 13 games. Cardoza, a sophomore midfielder, posted 24 goals and 8 assists. Cochran, a sophomore attacker, tallied 32 goals and 19 assists. Crockett, a senior attacker, racked up 43 goals and 34 assists. Lyle, a sophomore midfielder, shut down the opposition’s best midfielder night in and night out. Maxwell, a sophomore goalie, racked up 127 shots with a 63 percent save mark. Mitchell, a senior face-off specialist, put up a 65 percent face-off win ratio. Ratinaud, a sophomore midfielder, posted 19 goals and 6 assists. Schmidlkofer, a senior midfielder, put up 14 goals and 12 assists. Smith, a senior attacker, notched 25 goals and 16 assists. 

Other members from the area champion Whitewater Wildcats are Colby Cleghorn, Ethan Crawford, Evan Crawford, Josh Grafmiller, Braden Hale, Jaden Knight, Stockton Lewis, Hayden Pugh, Kaden Rustick, Dawson Sims, Jacob Sims, Warren Thomas, Luke Walls, and Wyatt Zidar. 

Cleghorn, a senior attacker, notched 8 goals and 1 assist. Ethan Crawford, a senior defender, posted 35 ground balls and 13 turnovers. Evan Crawford, a junior midfielder, tallied 18 goals and 6 assists. 

Grafmiller, a senior attacker, put up 13 goals and 4 assists. Hale, a junior face-off specialist, posted a 62.4 win percentage. Knight, a junior attacker, racked up 6 goals and 9 assists in 10 games. Lewis, a senior goalie, posted 209 saves with a 64 percent save rate. Pugh, a junior attacker, put up 22 goals and 10 assists. Rustick, a sophomore attacker, tallied 41 goals and 8 assists. Dawson Sims, a senior midfielder, notched 11 goals and 12 assists. Jacob Sims, a sophomore defender, had 21 ground balls and 26 turnovers. Thomas, a senior defender, notched 48 ground balls. Walls, a junior midfielder, posted 28 ground balls. Zidar, a sophomore defender, notched 24 ground balls and 20 turnovers. 

Honorees from McIntosh are Liam Banks, Braden Baro, John Hardy, Gabe LeClaire, Spencer Oak, and Austin Smith. 

Banks, a freshman attacker, posted 13 goals and 30 assists. Baro, a sophomore attacker, racked up 41 goals and 15 assists. Hardy, a junior attacker, tallied 34 goals and 4 assists. LeClaire, a junior midfielder, put up 4 goals and 3 assists with 36 ground balls. Oaks, a sophomore midfielder, won 83 faceoffs. Smith, a senior defender, posted 32 ground balls. 

Fayette County’s representatives are Kevin Gillespie and Donald Godfrey. Gillespie, a senior attacker, posted 16 goals and 8 assists. Godfrey, a senior defender, posted 15 blocks shots and 1 goal.