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Thank You Senoia City Council

Thank You Senoia City Council


Kudos to the Senoia City Council for their recent unanimous approval of progressive animal ordinance changes, including restricting the use of tethering and the sale of animals at pet stores.

Pet store lobbyists are pushing for state legislation (H.B.144) that would prevent any Georgia county or city from banning sales of dogs in pet stores. What most consumers don’t know is that Petland obtains its dogs from cruel and disease-ridden “puppy mills.” Nationwide, 240 counties/cities have enacted such ordinances due to the prevalence of illness in dogs supplied by mills. Ordinances protect consumers from ending up with exorbitant vet bills and/or dead pets like the lawsuit against Petland, Kennesaw.

Four Georgia localities have enacted ordinances and the number is expected to rise with the recent outbreak of Campylobacter linked to Petlands across the country. According to the CDC, the outbreak has affected 55 people in 12 states; 49 of the victims were infected by contact with puppies from Petland. It’s time for Georgians to stop supporting stores that sell puppies and urge lawmakers to vote no on H.B.144.

The pet store industry, despite their claims of buying from USDA-licensed facilities, are perpetuating the puppy mill industry, which is putting consumers and animals at risk. Georgian’s must to refrain from supporting the pet store-puppy mill supply chain and what it stands for. Each October is recognized as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, a month to encourage people to save lives by adopting dogs from a shelter or rescue group. This should be the motto every month. As a reminder, legislators voted the Official State Dog of Georgia as “The Adoptable Dog.” There is a wonderful selection of animals available at your local humane shelter or rescue.


Kim McCurry