There are still 93 trees visible from my seat at the window. This number fluctuates, but the one time I really focused it was 93, so that’s a number I trust. I also trust our legal system, but only because I have no involvement with it. I’ve added moss to the list of things I can’t grow. I’ve abandoned a few things as well: religion, of course. Discipline no longer seems like a thing – maybe it’s just winter. Taco Tuesday is a ghost as well. It still happens a couple times a month, but it’s just one dish and nobody shows up. The Tervis tumbler collection has taken over the entire cupboard, but I only ever use a couple of them. Twice I’ve been the “suspicious person” on a NextDoor post. Living without a microwave is one of the wisest things a person can do. Stopping at yellow lights is no longer a weakness of mine, in fact I’ve really been working on this a lot – I’m practically colorblind when it comes to making good time. My banker just asked me for a tip – is that normal? I’m making book recommendations to myself. I sent out a few Christmas gifts but they were not reciprocated. My teams are somehow over and underrated. For some reason I now owe thousands of dollars every year in taxes since I delegated that to the accountant – what’s that all about? I’m the only person in the state without one of those puffy winter jackets. The internet never works. I’m not much of a birder, but whatever the worst birds are, those seem to like my feeders. I have seen none of the movies nominated for Oscars, and there will not be a party. I will try to make friends with a tennis ball machine this weekend, but it’ll rain. My car was stolen by a millionaire.
It’s been 379 months (in Thack years) since I’ve had an actual conversation with another human. Always thinking of you – it’s kind’ve annoying.