Larry Thack’s Air BNB never arrived in the mail

The last month or so has been a series of tough decisions for me.
Not since confronted with the decision to adopt a Ugandan or North Korean baby have I had such a difficult choice. Will I attend John McCain’s or Aretha Franklin’s funeral? I get free passes to all funerals and this is something I deal with frequently. Ultimately I decided to just go to Dragoncon. It’s a similar assortment of freaks and losers but on a local level that provides me a more zealous and proper adoration from the crowd.
Earlier in the month I was confronted with this doozy. You see I have this neighbor who has a tiny, yelping dog. It chirps and squeals all night about something it’s heard or seen in the woods. In order to drown out the noise I will move my sitting chair directly in front of a window air conditioner and set it on full power. Shall I continue to do this and contract pneumonia or turn it off and just live with a permanent, yet mild chest infection?
Furthersuch, twice I have chosen not to engage in road rage. I now see both decisions as real missed opportunities.
Now that it’s October I have to decide if I will decorate for Halloween or just let my house mold over. There’s really nothing scary at Michael’s or Lowe’s to stick in the yard but with a little neglect nobody will want to walk up to my door. That was an easy decision I guess, but now I must decide if I will go trick or treating this year. It gives me an opportunity to case the neighborhood in case I need some quick cash.