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Thack You: The Wheels of Democracy – Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

I was not in attendance at the City Council meeting last week in Fayetteville as that’s the day I distribute toys to the homeless. Sadly, I was alerted by one of my moles that my integrity was called into question that night by the Michelin Man. The alleged white male directed at me the following insult: “It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” I will overlook your crime of failing to cite the author of that quote and offer one of my own from HJ Simpson, “if you don’t like it, go to Russia.”
You wish to silence me sir? I will not be silenced, Mr. Ho Chi Minh with an “H.” I will not tire in my efforts to dismantle your oppressive dictatorship, nor will my spirit get a nail in its sidewall and need a patch.
Mr. Shocks and Struts also said this, “Nothing has more effect on your day to day life than decisions made by your city government.” Well, that would explain the completely distracted attendance of maybe four people who weren’t otherwise compelled to be there for work. I fully agree that city government holds a huge amount of power, and that’s why I must control it! But maybe it’s possible that there are some things that have more effect on our day-to-day life than the decisions of our city government: The weather, breakfast, footwear, internet connection, location of car keys, choice of shirt, any single human interaction, the mail, relationship with Alexa/ Siri, lunch, whereabouts of remote control……..
Like any forward-thinking leader with a great haircut, I’m doubling-down, whatever that means. At the next City Council meeting expect my followers to appear en masse, like they did for that dog and cat thing last year. I however, will not be able to attend as that is the night I dispense Juuls at the orphanage.

Even Larry Thack’s patience is getting fatter




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