Fayette County


Thack You: The Mean-ing of Lent

Larry Thack wishes to acknowledge and bewail your manifold sins and wickedness
Larry Thack hates Christmas……………tree farms.

Every year somewhere around Spring time there occurs a pagan ritual known as Lent. For forty days I will “give up” something dear to me. I look forward to this tradition as isolation from comfort has always warmed my heart.
We’re already a few weeks in, but I haven’t settled on anything yet. I’ve been so preoccupied with all the holidays during Lent that considering additional sacrifices has been choresome.
I’m on the planning committee for the Ides of March celebration we have down at the Senior Center. Every year they all want to be Brutus at the reenactment. I guess it’ll be another drooling vegetable in a wheelchair that plays Caesar this year. With barely any time to clean up,
St Patrick’s Day throws up all over the place just a couple days later. This is one ethnic holiday I’d like to see cleansed from the calendar.
My favorite Spring holiday, “Daylight Savings Sunday,” follows quickly to shine some early light in the bleary eyes of the hungover fools.
I do have a few ideas for my Lentin sacrifice. I need to stop peering out the shutters at my neighbors. One year I gave up forks and spoons, but only in public. That worked pretty well.
The problem with this ritual is that it leads to too many conversations. Does anyone really care what I’m giving up? No, he just wants to impress me with whatever stupid thing he is doing. I mostly respect the people who claim to be forgoing chocolate. This is practically akin to doing nothing. These people are standing up to the ritual and lobbing their abounding suburban insolence someone near its intention. The energy involved here is pricelessly low and if the gesture were filled with any more shame a smile might creep across my face.