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Thack You: Paving resumes monthly

Larry Thack wishes to acknowledge and bewail your manifold sins and wickedness
Larry Thack has been there and done that

Surely everyone in town has noticed that the road repaving was completed during the Summer and then they started the whole thing over again. Nobody seems to know why they are redoing the entire job, but I’ve polled my friends around town and come up with some possible theories.
• The road guys really love what they do and don’t wanna go home yet.
• The stoplights are never green long enough for them to get through.
• There are no other roads to fix and they have a surplus of asphalt.
• Somebody’s wallet got paved over and they have to find it
• City Councilman Hoffman has seen a spike in tire sales due to all the bumps and wants to re-tire.
• The road turned out too squishy.
• The added congestion makes the county seem more “with it”.
• The intoxicating smell must remain.
• Some kid carved his initials in it and ruined the whole thing.
• They paved it upside down.
• The paving crew has been stuck at that stoplight at Tiger Trail ALL Summer.
Whatever it is they’re doing it is clearly equally not funny and as unnoticed as this article.