Larry Thack’s reverse mortgage is resulting in a lot more friendly phone calls

I remember the Bork confirmation hearings clearly. My grand-nephew was making his big debut on “As the World Turns” that day. My nephew had studied drama in college and went on to play all the giants of the stage – King Lear, Willy Loman, Karl from “Raisin in the Sun.” Now it was the big day! The family was huddled around a TV set we borrowed from a wealthy Jewish friend and we excitedly awaited his debut. One of ours had finally made it! But then….. it was remorselessly preempted by a special report.
Whether playing Hamlet, Troilus, or even Cressida, my nephew had not prepared me for this tragedy. What were we to do now? It was one o’clock in the afternoon for crying out loud. Then, suddenly I found a new use for all the chips and dip I’d purchased. It was then I first met Robert Bork. Handsome, elegant, unafraid to don bizarre facial hair. He would be my hero for the next week or so. Unfortunately Judge Bork indicated a desire to reverse all the Civil Rights laws and it seemed that’ll only get you the votes of 45 percent of US senators. The days of our lives bleakly moved along and I passed the time watching my nephew-less soaps. Anthony Kennedy was sworn in and got the job Bork so deserved.
I’ve watched the current installment of a new justice and President Trump has again astonished me with his genius. Most Washington insiders would’ve searched for a political advantage when choosing a new Supreme Court justice. Trump saw beyond that and was looking for balance on the court. That’s why he went out and found the most suitable hot-tempered Irish Catholic he could. It’s just pure luck of the Irish that he’s also an abusive, womanizing drunk.
It continues to surprise me that people don’t see how intelligent and forward thinking President Trump is – he tells us all the time.