Larry Thack’s “Blessed” license plate is on backorder

Many of us have family and friends coming to visit during the holidays and I like to show-off all the great things we can do around here…..
Maybe you’re lucky enough to get the chance to pick up one of your guests at the world’s largest airport. Hartsfield-Jackson airport herds some 56 million passengers through their Cinnabon locations every year and is second only to Beijing’s airport, which is probably lying about its numbers anyway. If you’re not the pick-up guy, it’s still a fun place to take your guests. I like to double-park at the North Terminal drop-off and watch the bustling travelers come and go.
Since you’re already near the interstate, consider a trip to the big city. If Columbus is too far for you, then Atlanta, while not as culturally robust, is a more convenient option. The perfect day-trip in Atlanta might include a visit to the High Museum. The High’s permanent collection is one of the finest anywhere, with five floors of priceless pre-television entertainment. Make sure to reach out and touch the most famous and coveted works. Now that you’ve started a conversation with security, don’t be afraid to get his opinions and thoughts. Sometimes the guards look a little left-out and sad.
After a morning of soaking up culture and bettering yourselves, you’ll want to balance things out by having lunch at The Varsity. The menu is bigger than you think. Read it over when it’s your turn to order and ask plenty of questions. They like that! Feeling more American now?
Try out the new College Football Hall of Fame. Your hard of hearing guests will enjoy the movie that blares every 15 minutes, and there’s fun for all fans unless you like to actually play football; the miniature field with full size goal post is usually being hogged by some punk kids.
Back in Fayette County, the list of attractions is long and eclectic. Try out the Chick-fil-A concept restaurant, Truett’s Luau. This place has more oddities to explore than a hoarder’s garage. From the beehives to the Formula 1 style drive-through to the inexplicable hut where they keep that bicycle, your guests will think your town has completely lost its mind. Once inside you can introduce your hungry visitors to an array of puzzling and unpronounceable treats.
Once the sun goes down, you’ll want to head West-South-North on Sandy Creek Road a piece. That’s not a deadly accident causing that traffic jam, it’s the Christmas drive-through light show at the Gaddy’s place. It’s probably the world’s best, and you’re sitting the whole time!
Taking your guests to church? My church gets a little too crowded around Christmas, so I’m going to try out one of the churches that recently opened at a strip mall. Downtown Fayetteville is especially replete with these strip-mall synagogues, and after church you can get some Mexican food, shop for carpet, and get a carton of smokes all in one stop!