Larry Thack’s swaddling blankets he ordered from Amazon don’t fit him at all.

At my age I think a lot about dying and frequently will shop for my last meal. It’s a real pleasure to choose the nutrition that will sustain my corpse with the energy it requires to not do anything forever.
Tonight, for instance, I’ll make myself macaroni and cheese with a shallow-poached salmon in a nice cream sauce. It’s a strange combination I admit, but hopefully I’ll be dead in the morning so what difference does it make?
Guys on death row get all the press for the last meal thing, but what experience do they have really? Frequently they’ll order these huge meals and then discover they have no appetite with death looming so closely. It seems these guys in prison don’t have a clue how to have a last meal, until now. This death row, media-darling monster in Arkansas, who incidentally looks very mean and guilty, requested Holy Communion for his last meal. What a classy guy! Not only does he totally square things with God, but who doesn’t have the appetite for Communion? So I’ll take a lesson from that guy – maybe Communion should be for dessert.
A lengthy and laborious internet search has confirmed that nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about some priest blessing the wafer and wine. All I have to do is be of the “right heart.” That’s just vague enough to work! Of course the search also points out that Communion is really a full meal that we share with a community, like a church community. The wafer and sip of wine came about because nobody had time for the dinner thing. After enduring numerous spaghetti dinners and fish fries at churches I agree with the shortened version. Paul makes the point in Corinthians 4:20, “Dinner Thursday at my place unless…….”