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Thack You: Fayette on the TV Set

Larry Thack wishes to acknowledge and bewail your manifold sins and wickedness
Larry Thack just got his hand caught in the toaster

The headlines on our legal organ last week warmed what’s left of my heart. Fayette County is making itself proud by showing up on the TV!
If you haven’t seen the show “Hunted” then get ready to scream at your TV. It features Fayetteville’s own angry, tatooed cop Sgt. Ryan Phillips. Easily the best new show this year, “Hunted” pits a couple of fugitives against a sophisticated law enforcement team trying to track them down. This opening season is set in the Southeast which has me proclaiming familiarity with each neighborhood and Waffle House they film. What makes the show compelling is the matchup: A highly-trained, experienced, and financed team of hunters faces off against an assortment of people who have been hand selected for their inability to run, climb, and count calories. Beyond their physical shortcomings, these fugitives also lack any of the intellectual skills for the task. Clearly these contestants all said during the pre-hunt interview that they were high energy, intelligent, and resourceful. In the field that has translated into panicky know-it-alls who’ve somehow managed to avoid homelessness. Sit back and watch the fugitives post their locations on Facebook, hunker down at their parent’s or best friend’s house, and use an ATM at a bus station, then actually get on the damn bus!! This is TV for people who want to feel smarter than the ones on TV.
In that regard we are changing no gears when we celebrate our county’s recent success on the highest of brows gameshow, the “Family Feud.” I’m sure 99 percent of the county all said the same thing last week when it heard of the amazing sweeping victory the Stapleton family had on TV’s “Family Feud.” “Aw geez, wish I’d known about that.” Don’t worry folks because on February 20 Fayette County will have another family on its favorite show we all thought got cancelled in the eighties. Enter the Miller family. Tim Miller is the only member of this proud family I’ve had the pleasure to meet. As a season ticket-holder to Fayette High School’s basket and footballs teams I am routinely rewarded as his aromatic and syrupy voice fills the stands with its misplaced drama. Good luck Millers and make us as proud as possible given you’ve already committed to this.