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Thack You: Fast Food Fish

Larry Thack just spent a quiet night at home watching his screensaver

We’re a few weeks into Lent and I’m just now finding out! Usually I’m a little more “observant” but fortunately the fast food industry reminded me with their seasonal fish sandwich offerings.
Lent is a bit of a drag on my lifestyle. First there’s the fish thing. After years of jumping from vegetarian to pescatarian, I’m reembracing meats and having one great culinary experience after another. A group of us had planned to visit this new farm-to-table restaurant where we can watch the wild game being strangled by the chef – it’s better than a carwash! I know it’s just fish on Fridays but I rarely know what day it is and thus the problem.
Then there’s the whole “giving something up” thing. You have to be prepared with this one because fellow church-goers always wanna know what you’ve given up. I’ve made several friends at church with my unpreparedness over the years. Such answers as “ending sentences with prepositions, tithing, and talking to child molesters” have not been well received. Clearly I’m not going to give up anything that would discomfort me and I’m running out of ideas. Maybe I’ll stop using the Lord’s name in vain. I’ve done that in the past and it worked well but some churchy types like to point out that you’re not supposed to do that anyway. Maybe I’ll give up the cruel practice of trapping squirrels but whom shall listen to me read my poetry? I guess I could stop texting while driving. That’s harder than it sounds though, since it’s the only thing that makes the kids on my bus think I’m cool.
I suppose I could take the advice of every billboard in town and pray about it.