Larry Thack’s fawning over the hit musical “Hamilton” has ended and he now thinks it looks kinda stupid.

If there’s one thing farmers are known for it’s that they complain. There’s always something: Too much rain, too little rain, there was an early freeze, I have to get up at 5 a.m., nobody comes to the farmer’s market. I could go on about the whining of farmers.
But our farmer’s market in Fayetteville is dying and it needs our help! If you didn’t realize we had a farmer’s market you’re not alone. It’s hidden in the parking lot of the Truett’s Luau Chicken-Fillet restaurant and takes place at very unusual times on Sunday. As you know, the townspeople avert their eyes from Chick-fil-as on Sundays for three reasons: they’re closed and useless and we feel that looking too long at a closed Chick-fil-a that is proudly honoring the Lord will burn our eyes or smite us to hell. Also, no human can pretend to like other humans for seven straight days and pretend anything is his pleasure, but that’s another issue. The farmer’s market starts at one of two times: when the rain starts to gently fall or when the temperature reaches its highest point of the week. None of these things help it survive, but can’t its charm alone save it?
My first trip to the farmer’s market was a grand success. I bought a Mason jar with a hole drilled in the top and a hanger of some sort that was supposed to catch bees. The guy told me to first put a couple of dead bees in there to attract other bees. Makes sense – $10. Then there’s the guy who has a bunch of milk jugs full of lemonade that taste like something other than lemons. I think I got cucumber. It was good, but of course, lemonade would’ve been better – $5. There’s the goat cheese lady – she makes the whole thing worth going to. She stopped coming after week three. There are really only two vegetable farmers that show up, and they seem to compete for ugliest food object. I asked for tomatoes and he started bagging gourds. The decaying vegetables were all organic and I admit these things tasted fresh and better, but I had to eat in the dark. The 95 lb lady who sells pork products has gotten some business from me. Fresh bacon, salt pork, cubed pork, pan rabbit – all very tasty but since she’s not morbidly obese I couldn’t trust her.