I only saw about 12 minutes of the movie “Akeelah and the Bee,” but I think I get it.
Young poor person does good thing surrounded by evil, unsupportive poor people. Wise old man helps young poor person, but is very clear that he doesn’t want to.
Larry Fishburne, who seemingly plays himself in the movie, is a stern gardener.
As Akeelah arrives for her first spelling lesson, Larry declares that she is late and he’ll have nothing to do with her. He’s bluffing! It’s her first real lesson – she may have transferred three buses to get here but how dare she be late in the game of spelling! The game of kings!
This harrowing tale of black society overcoming the insurmountable benefits of privilege and class was written and directed by some white guy.
Friends – I’ll never get back that 12 minutes but I just want to warn everyone what can happen when college football abruptly ends. There is a massive two-week gap between the conference championships and the bowl games with nothing on the TV but Christmas movies and holiday baking competitions. I shall notify the medical community that this be the root of seasonal depression.

Larry Thack’s Adult Children of an Alcoholic Still Submit Christmas Lists