A would-be shoplifter was caught in the act unloading stolen goods under a car outside of the Fayetteville Target. (Photo by Michael Clifton)

A pair of would-be shoplifters were caught red handed and are under arrest after trying to make off with a heap of merchandise from the Fayetteville Target.

The loss prevention officer at Target recognized the two suspects from a previous theft a couple months back and kept an eye on them on the surveillance cameras. They were observed putting items in red gift bags and inside a jacket before exiting the store.

One suspect emptied his pilfered goods under a SUV in the parking lot.

“When the SUV backed out of the parking spot, it revealed a pile of kid’s clothing on the ground,” said Captain Chad Myers with the Fayetteville Police Department. “Those items were identified as Target property.”

The stolen items totaled up to roughly $170 in children’s clothing.

An eagle-eyed photographer on the scene snapped the suspect discarding the merchandise under the car. The act was also caught on dash cam. Both pieces of evidence have been turned over to the police to assist in their investigation.

Nicholas Carter, 20, of West Point, and the other suspect who identified himself as Willie Davis were placed under arrest at the scene.