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Report: Margaret McCollom paralyzed from waist down


WSB is reporting as of Thursday that two sources have confirmed that Margaret McCollom is paralyzed from the waist down as a result of being shot by her husband, Peachtree City Police Chief William McCollom.


Details remain few and far between in the ongoing GBI investigation into the New Year’s morning shooting of Margaret McCollom by Peachtree City police chief William McCollom in the bedroom of their Peachtree City home.

News came Monday that Mrs. McCollom was released from Atlanta Medical Center, a little less than two weeks after the incident that originally landed her there in critical condition.

GBI has still released little information about the case and is now saying test results ¬†on the gun and a blood alcohol test for McCollom could take weeks to come back. Thus far District Attorney Scott Ballard has said his office would wait for the investigation to be concluded before deciding whether to press charges against McCollom. As of yet he’s not been charged with anything and remains on paid leave.

Margaret McCollom recovered enough to be interviewed by GBI agents last week in her hospital room. In that interview she said she was asleep when she was shot and didn’t know what happened, but she believed the shooting was an accident.

The only version of Chief McCollom’s story that has been made public is his roughly 6-minute 911 call from that morning. In that call, McCollom said the shooting had been accidental. Several details of his call were contradictory as to what happened and how, as Fayette Newspapers detailed in a story last week.

Gun experts that spoke to the paper last week also expressed doubt at how easily a Glock-17 like the one McCollom carried could go off accidentally.

Sherry Lang of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Chief McCollom had not been allowed to visit Margaret in the hospital. She said both spouses have indicated a desire to talk to each other.

“He’s been told that he can talk to her. They each have said they wanted to talk to each other,” Lang said.

As to whether they’d seen each other, Lang said that without charges nobody can “legally keep him from seeing her.”

Lang said she believed there are some interviews still to be done in the investigation and could not give any time frame for when results from the lab work would be returned.

“I know that we have prioritized it but I cannot give you an answer on that,” she said in terms of when the investigation may wrap up and be turned over to the D.A.’s office.

By Josh Akeman

Josh Akeman is the managing editor of the Fayette County News, Today in Peachtree City, and East Coweta Journal. He is a graduate of Fayette County High School and the University of Georgia.