Seven Starr’s Mill football players gave up their Saturday to help build homes for dogs in need. Top Row (L to R): Brandon Rew, Colin Maguire Bottom Row (L to R): Hunter Fenton, Marcel Ray, Ryan Roper, Blake Ryan, Johnny Muska (Special Photo)

Rolling out of bed on the weekend is never fun, but, when it’s to help man’s best friend, it’s a little easier to get moving. Last week, seven Starr’s Mill football players gave up a Saturday to help some dogs in need. Hunter Fenton, Colin Maguire, Johnny Muska, Marcel Ray, Brandon Rew, Ryan Roper, and Blake Ryan hit the road bright and early at 7 a.m. heading to SoCo Rescue in Glenwood, working for five hours non-stop.
The shelter was told it would be shut down and the dogs removed if it did not have the kennels to house them. Pedal for Pets got word and kicked into gear, the players volunteering with Wendy Maguire to get the job done. Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Fayetteville also came through with a great deal for a van big enough to haul the work crew.
The team hauled cinder blocks, bags of cement mix, and fencing materials without resting.
“Once the boys stepped through the door, it was a full-on sprint of hauling cement blocks, mixing cement, measuring, leveling, spreading the cement goop all over the cinder blocks, gathering the fencing materials, and petting the dogs,” said Wendy.
“It was hot. They worked for five hours non-stop, no breaks, just a moment to wipe their sweat,” she said, adding there was “not one complaint, not one person stood around, not one regret.”
Tens hours later they were back home at Starr’s Mill, all on top of a grueling week of practice. Did they regret giving up a day of freedom?
“They all said they would do it again.”