The Class of 2018 continued the tradition of academic excellence for Fayette County schools, as evidenced by recently released scores for the SAT and ACT from the College Board.

For the SAT, Fayette students raised the bar even higher, outperforming for the state and the nation, while increasing their mean score 23 points from last year. This year’s mean score of 1142 beats the state’s mark by 88 points and the national mean by 93 points. Among school systems with at least 1,000 test takers, Fayette has the second highest mean score in the state and in the metro area.

Out of 394 state schools with SAT scores, McIntosh High ranked 10th, Starr’s Mill ranked 17th, Whitewater ranked 32nd, Sandy Creek ranked 56th, and Fayette County ranked 87th.

All five schools increased their scores, with Starr’s Mill jumping 30 points, Whitewater 18, Fayette County 14, Sandy Creek 11, and McIntosh eight.

On the ACT, students continued a five-year trend of high average composite scores. Fayette’s average composite score of 23.4 ranks third highest in the state and in the metro area among school systems with at least 1,000 test takers and ranks in the top one percent of state school systems.

All five Fayette high schools finished in the top 46 percent of state schools, with a compiled average score two points higher than the state average and 2.6 points higher than the national average.

Among individual schools, McIntosh High is ranked 15th out of 378 schools in the state taking the test, Starr’s Mill is ranked 21st, Whitewater is ranked 33rd, Sandy Creek is ranked 91st, and Fayette County is ranked 175th.