Rep. David Stover announced his resignation June 25, and his successor will be picked this fall.

Stover, who represents eastern Coweta County and a sliver of Peachtree City announced his intentions in a letter to Gov. Brian Kemp.

“When I ran for re-election in the primary and general election in 2018, it was my full intention to serve through the end of my term in 2020 and evaluate early in the 2020 session whether I would run again. In August 2018, I married a wonderful lady who is a great blessing to my life and brings to our marriage the joy of her two children. Recently we were granted a great blessing – a baby on the way, my first biological child, due in the early days of the 2020 legislative session. That is a game changer,” he wrote.

Stover added, “I don’t plan to miss a minute, and my wife deserves for me to be by her side as she brings our baby safely to term. I want to be a day one and everyday hands-on caregiver and co-nurturer when our baby is born.”

Stover concluded his letter with a nod to his constituents.

“I want to thank the voters of District 71 for their votes in electing me the first time in early 2013 special election and run-off and again in 2014, 2016, and 2018 primary challenge and contested general election. I will miss serving the citizens, and I will miss working with my fellow legislators and you in the years to come. But I am confident the very involved and concerned voters of District 71 will pick a well-qualified representative.”