It is 3 A.M. The house is so quiet that I can hear the soft roar of silence inside my ears. It’s nice to be the only one awake. Time to think; maybe to worry a little. Better, a time to pray.

“Lord, please keep my family safe in all the places they find themselves today and tomorrow and in the future. May they be free from the fear of this pandemic that is gripping our nation and the world. Father God, watch over my dear daughters and their families as they go about the necessary activities of work and school. Keep us all out of the path of the awful virus that knows no boundaries and respects no persons. Sweet Jesus, give the scientists the skills and the intellect necessary to stop this terrible invader which has touched us all. Thank you, God for being my comfort, for providing me assurance of your presence and for reminding me in this dark, quiet moment that You are my safe harbor.”

Just last Sunday our home was filled with the music of laughter and chatter as my cousin Miki, visiting from Germany, shared stories of her family who are scattered over the globe. My daughter was here from the coast of South Carolina, and they were joined also by my sister Deb from Auburn. What a natural medicine, what a tonic to be surrounded by the love expressed from those three women as they cooked together, folded laundry, shopped and served Bill and I with the care only a sincere and loving family is capable of giving.

We had not seen Miki in the six years we have lived in Senoia, but it was like yesterday when she arrived after visiting her youngest son who is stationed with the Navy in South Georgia. She brought with her a lovely “Lap Quilt” that she had stitched for Bill. Each square was a fabric memory telling the story of her family over the years since we had been together.

There was a moment of drama when she received news that her oldest daughter, poised to become a Foreign Service Officer, had been hospitalized in Ethiopia with altitude sickness. Happily, the treatment she received allowed her to fly back to D.C. where she lives and works.

Calls and texts to Miki’s older son, a maritime lawyer in New Orleans, and to Miki and Mike’s youngest daughter in Manhattan completed her family circle and left everyone apprised of the situation concerning a sibling thousands of miles away but connected in moments through the amazing technology of the world-wide web.

This same technology, while it has taken over much our communication, business, and industrial needs, and has provided adults and children with various types of entertainment, may be a great danger to all of us. It will change how we go about our lives in frightening new ways . . . if the newly created Space Force doesn’t get busy—faster than the speed of sound—to protect us from whomever ends up controlling the satellites, the space corridors, and the intricate web of “secure” government and military communiques.

I have been encouraging everyone I know to read and share the recent article in Hillsdale College’s most recent publication of “Imprimis” by Steven Keats titled “The Urgent Need for a United States Space Force.” He posits the absolute necessity for America to be the first nation, not China (who is at this moment racing for all-out dominance), to build “a vibrant space infrastructure and define the principles and rules of the marketplace of space.” It must be our “rule of law and the protection of liberty” which defines what will not only become a powerful multi-trillion dollar source of raw materials, but will offer solar power stations providing “clean, affordable energy to every human being” along with fresh water, and the ability to “manage the eyes of hurricanes and the funnels of tornados with energy from space.” Imagine the lives and property saved if this becomes reality. It is in our grasp.

We must also design defense capabilities to preserve our economy, our people, and our sovereignty. Among China’s goals is “to have the capacity to shut down computer systems and electrical grids at any time…Space is the strategic high ground.”

This is just a fraction of the explanation and reasoning behind the need for a real Space Force, not some ineffective arm of the Air Force as the Defense Department and Congress has set it up to be—“a mere support function for air power,” with generals and politicians maintaining their power.

America’s new Space Force is not planning to accelerate the new space economy; it is not planning to protect the moon (did you know China has already landed on the far side of the moon?); this will provide Communist China with invaluable knowledge in terms of commercial and military applications; a feat the United States is no longer capable of doing? Nor is it planning to protect travel corridors in space.

“If China stays on its current path, it will deploy nuclear propulsion technology and solar power stations in space within 10 years. This will give it the ability to beam clean energy to anyone on Earth—and the power to disable any portion of the American power grid,” and most frightening of all, it will give the Chinese the ability to paralyze our military anywhere it may be deployed on this planet. “America is developing no tools to defeat such a strategy.” 

Our country, with the blessing of our Congress, the Defense Department, and the Generals who control the Air Force, are spending billions of dollars on exquisite 20th century military equipment which will be rendered ineffective. 

“A space infrastructure of the type China is developing is a network system which will always translate to economic advantage. The first nation to build such an infrastructure will dominate the global economy of the 21st century and beyond.” ~ Steven L. Kwast

Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.