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Social media helps police catch shady solicitor

The Peachtree City Police Department leveraged its social media presence to help track down a magazine solicitor that was tricking victims into giving him money, in one case using force.

The police reported Monday that the suspect, along with another accomplice, had knocked on the door of a Peachtree City home and was answered by a 16-year old female.

The scenario, according to Lt. Mark Brown, was a fairly typical scam with the two claiming to be college students trying to make money by selling magazines door to door. In this case, they convinced the victim to take them to her ATM so she could withdraw cash to pay for the magazines. Once she withdrew the cash, they allegedly pushed her out of the way and fled with the money.

Numerous reports came in over social media reporters solicitors in the city, according to police, and one on Tuesday led patrol officers to locate Christian F. Betts-Kopp, of California.

Betts-Kopp has been charged with Robbey by Sudden Snatching (Felony).

According to police, further investigation by the Criminal Investigation’s Division showed Betts-Kopp had been charged in Lincoln, Illinois for Robbery, Battery, and Mob Action where he allegedly beat another victim while soliciting magazines.

Police remind residents to never assume solicitors are harmless and to call 911 if any solicitor is aggressive and/or does not have a permit to solicit.