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Small lifestyle changes help PTC man manage diabetes

Phil Rogers
Phil Rogers of Peachtree City is learning to manage his diabetes with small lifestyle changes.

Peachtree City resident Phil Rogers was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes earlier this year, but thanks to working with Ellen Poindexter, a diabetes educator at Piedmont Fayette Hospital, he knows that the disease is manageable and he has the tools to manage it.
“Ultimately, I have to be more careful about what I eat and maintain a record of my blood sugars two times a day,” Rogers said. While he uses Metformin to help control blood sugar levels, it is a combination of portion control and exercise that has led him to drop twenty pounds in five months. “I’m happy with the weight loss and hope to maintain it and hope to lose a little more.”
Poindexter is part of a team that also includes exercise specialists, physical therapists and nutritionists. Each program, which is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, is designed to fit each patient’s individualized needs. These experts create a custom diabetes care plan that features personalized instructions, special meal plans, personally tailored exercise regimens and ongoing follow up care.
Rogers’ advice to those diagnosed with diabetes is to follow the directions and trust in the plan.
“I’m not starving myself, I’ve just made better choices. Fruits and yogurts over junk food and lots of tuna, vegetables and salads, mostly,” Rogers said, adding that he was surprised that the diet hasn’t affected him like he thought it would. “I’m encouraged by the program and I’ve proven to myself that I can lose weight if I put my mind to it and stay disciplined.”
For more information about the diabetes programs at Piedmont, visit piedmont.org/diabetes.