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Slaw and Order serves up appearance on Fox cooking show

A capacity crowd at the Peachtree City Tennis Center cheers on team Slaw and Order, composed of local police officers, as they compete on Fox’s cooking show The F Word Wednesday night. (Photo by Amy Orr)

by Amy Orr

On June 21, the Peachtree City Police Department’s team, Slaw and Order, competed in the finale of The F Word, a live cooking competition hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay. In order to show the community’s support for the group, Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and the Peachtree City Tennis Center organized a viewing party for people to come together and watch the team compete for the last time.

“We live in a wonderful place,” Peachtree City Auxiliary Officer Angela Winiarski said. “Everyone here appreciates our officers, and it’s been easy to get a lot of support for them.”

On The F Word, celebrities, restauranteurs, and families are invited to prepare dishes in Chef Ramsay’s F Word establishment for 50 customers. The teams serve the meals, and then it’s up to the diners to decide whether the meal meets their expectations.

Assistant Chief Stan Pye, Lieutenant Mark Brown, Detective Heather Scott, and K-9 Officer Justin Mobley formed the team, Slaw and Order, and cooked their way to the finale, trying to win the prize of $100,000.

“It’s been great to see them work through the problems they faced tonight,” Community Outreach Officer Brian Eden said.

The team (left) appears in a screen capture alongside Chef Gordon Ramsey and the opposition.

The viewing party offered for a great opportunity for the Peachtree City community to get together and support Slaw and Order. The episode was projected onto a wall in order for everyone to crowd around and watch the excitement unfold. As the show played out, and Slaw and Order cooked, everyone gripped the edge of their chairs when the time came for the winner to be announced. Unfortunately, Slaw and Order did not come in first place. Their opposition, Food Bosses, took home the prize. Despite the loss, Slaw and Order took home the experience and were lighthearted about the outcome.

“They’re always going to be winners in our book, no matter what,” Winiarski said.